9 Genetic Mutations That Can Give You ‘Superpowers’

9. Super Taster

Do you ever get accused of being a fussy eater? Well, studies show that you might not actually just be picky, you might have a genetic mutation that makes you a ‘supertaster’. Studies show that about 25% of people are supertasters, meaning that they have an increased sensitivity to bitter tastes.

Scientists have identified the presence of the TAS2R38 gene as the reason for this ability. It’s thought to evolve thousands of years ago as a useful tool for avoiding potentially toxic plants, wich are most commonly bitter-tasting. So, how do you find out if you’re a supertaster? Well, there’s actually a simple test that you can do at home… Using a cotton bud, coat the front third of your tongue with blue food coloring. Then, punch out a small circle of paper with a hole punch and place it onto your tongue with tweezers.

The dye should stain the tongue but not the pink bumps known as papillae… So you should be able to count how many of these bumps show up on the paper. If there are more than 35, you are a supertaster.