9 Genetic Mutations That Can Give You ‘Superpowers’

8. Super Flexibility

We may still be a long way away from The Incredibles’ Elastigirl or Marvel’s Mister Fantastic, but there are real-life humans living with incredible levels of flexibility. This is caused by a mutation in the protein Fibrillin-1, known as a Marfan syndrome, which affects the body’s connective tissue. This means that the tendons and ligaments of sufferers’ bodies are incredibly elastic making them flexible enough to make even contortionists go weak at the knees.

One person with the condition, Daniel Browning Smith, holds the Guinness World record for being the most flexible person on the planet. He can dislocate both arms, both legs, unnaturally and turn his torso 180 degrees.

Daniel, also know as ‘Rubber Boy’, also holds the record for the fastest time passing through an unstring tennis racket three times. But Marfan syndrome is far from being just a party trick, it actually causes sufferers a lot of problems. It often comes hand-in-hand with severe heart problems such as aortic enlargement, wich can be life threating. Suffers also regularly have unnaturally long limbs and issues with both the skeletal and nervous system.